Wildwood Inn Theme Suites

Travel Information for Wildwood Inn

  • Located 70 miles north of Lexington, KY. Right off I-75, exit #180 in Florence, KY. For more directions check out the Wildwood Inn website.
  • Currently there website is offering special discount rates for stays Sun-Thurs.
  • Email: info@wildwood-inn.com
  • Phone:  859-371-6300 Toll Free: 800-758-2335
  • DISCOUNT for WILDWOOD INN: Use the promo code BGR1 to get 10% off your stay.

Fun Things & Quick Facts:

  • The Tropical Dome! Inside there is a heated pool, waterfall spa, baby pool, climbing area, game room.
  • The Wildwood Inn first opened in 1932.
  • It was once owned by the legendary Gene Kelly.
  • There are 13 different family theme rooms, and 24 different romantic theme rooms.

About the Wildwood Inn Safari Huts Suites…

If the thatch roof and four furry animal pelts hanging on the wall don’t get you in the mood for safari adventure, then the four post bamboo bed, complete with mosquito net should. There are no windows in the hut and so the interior gets delightfully dark. If it wasn’t for the three year old sleeping sideways between us, we could have also slept through 2010’s midnight New Year’s celebration (we did, shamefully, sleep through 2009’s).

Which brings up an important point. The Wildwood Inn has both family and romantic theme suits. The Safari Hut is technically a “romantic suite” because there is only one bed in the room. If, like us, you choose to visit the Shi-Awela Safari Village with kid(s) in tow, your weekend will be more adventure than romance, but still, the memories are good. After all, there is a gigantic jacuzzi tub in the room to enjoy. It’s family-sized for sure…see?

My husband, who has been on a missions trip to Africa, living in a real African village for three months, commented that the Wildwood Inn huts had the shape of true “Bomas”, with the added benefit of electricity, plumbing. I also noted that these are perhaps the only Safari huts or Bomas, with 36″ flat screen tv’s, family sized jacuzzi-tubs and front door parking. But when you are offered the best of both worlds, you take it, right? A little luxury with your adventure, madam? Yes, please!

Not all of Bluegrass Romance mini-missions will be so indulgent, but getting into character at the Wildwood Inn, and welcoming the new year with champagne and safari games was the perfect way to say, “Bring on the Adventure + Romance in 2010!” (Perhaps Mr. Cecil and I will sneak away sometime during the year to really live up a romantic theme suite. The Aladdin room looks fun!).

Thank you to all the folks at the Wildwood Inn. Read about our family adventure staying in a Safari Hut suite, see pictures and watch the video here.

Special thanks to Amin, Chris and Robbie at the Wildwood Inn.
Also thank you to J Peterman for making such fitting romance and adventure attire. (The “safari” jackets Mr.Cecil and I wore with both from the J Peterman Company, headquarters in Lexington, KY).